April 15, 2020

Perpep 4.1

by Sixtus Gomez

Despite the fact that Perpep 5.0 won't be starting until the release of 1.16, the server is still up and running. "HOW?" You may ask. The server is currently running a world with a more niche playerbase, less administration, and a new formula straying away from the default Perpep. As of now, Perpep 4.1 is a server taking place where the world is defragmented into individual islands; still retaining natural generation however, unlike skyblock. Another element which is absent in the integer-versions of Perpep is PvP and factions. Declarations of war can be signed where major PvP events can be hosted between two parties. However this DOES NOT MEAN THAT RDM IS ALLOWED. What this does mean is that one can settle an argument or deal of sorts with a duel between two consenting parties, something which is not condoned in integer-Perpeps. One thing to note is that this isn't going to be online as frequently as the normal Perpeps. This server is a more experimental form which is only there as filler-content before the release of Perpep 5.0. If people get bored from Perpep 4.1, then it will naturally progress to Perpep 4.2, then 4.3, then 4.4, through 4.10, 4.50, and so on. This series of experimental Temp-eps will end with the release of 1.16, so join in while you can.