April 14, 2020

Logo Contest

by Sixtus Gomez

Recently, a contest was held within the Perpep Discord server to see which member could design the best potential logo to represent all of Perpep. Three images were submitted:

Sixtus' Design

This was my design, clocking in at two votes.

Liam's Design

Liam's design, clcoking in at one vote.

Noah's Design

Noah's design, clocking in at the winning three votes.

Noah was the winner of the contest, and thus his design was elected to be used as the logo for Perpep. You can expect it to be seen everywhere, from the server icon to the Discord logo. Here's what he had to say:

"this shot of vodka goes to you sixtus"

Why was he saying this? Well his image wasn't actually properly formatted, so the majority of the dirty-work was funelled into my hands. I had to restore alias into the image as well as make it transparent. Although it was difficult, the final product is an absolutely beautiful one which I'm glad will represent Perpep.

Official Perpep 5.0 Logo!

In case you couldn't tell, the original grass block which is seen in the original logo is removed in favor of a combination of warped and crimson nylium block. The reason this was chosen? The new Perpep server is likely to be releasing next to the 1.16 Nether Update, so the theme is appropriate.