Introductory Article

April 12, 2020

by Sixtus Gomez

This is an introductory articles focusing on the beginning aspects of the server before its release. Two important pieces of information will be covered in this article.

The first is the introduction of the enforcing of districts in the server. That's right! Comparable to HermitCraft, the world will now be officially split into sections, each with a designated purpose and design. The reason this is done is to have a sense of community and differentiation between one place and another. As of now, there is only one definite distrct which will be included in the server: The Shopping District. This district is here to serve the purpose of being a central area of the server (one where bases will not be built) for shops and players to interact with each other alike.

Perpep 5.0 World Map

This image is the basic world map of Perpep 5.0. The plains biome in the center where the World Spawn is will be the shopping district. I incentivize that you build your bases AWAY from the district. Knowing that this will be the central area when the server starts, I hope that all members will work together and cooperate to make this area look very nice and help prevent mob spawning in that area by lighting it up. Another thing to note is the fact that no automatic farms will be allowed at all within the spawn chunks. This is both to leave space in the shopping district for stores and such, but it is also to decrease lag in the server.

This below is the official Perpep logo:

Perpep Official Logo

The second piece of information is related to this logo; it has been around for approximately two years or so now, and it is quite rusty. This image has lasted a very long time, but it needs to breathe new life. I am accepting any and all new potential designs for logos to represent the Minecraft Server. Send all of your designs to me on Discord, and I just might elect it to be the new official logo!

New information on the server and its date of release will be given at a later date (but don't expect it to be too soon).