Perpep is a startup server run by a pubescent boy who arguably spends too much time in his room. It initially began as a server with approximately 3 players before it substantially grew to the point where he had a full network server on his hands. He is now burdened by it forever.


GamezGirlz was a Minecraft server with Ethan, Aron, and Sixtus all working together to build a community in their spare time. They were the only members, and after a week, they accidentally burnt down their house. Thus concludes the story of GamezGirlz

"Peeperz/Perpep 1.0"

This server contained members such as John, Liam, Ethan, Aron, and Sixtus, all working together in a swamp biome to build bases. The server was hosted on MineHut, but ended due to every single MineHut server losing all of their data simultaneously.

"Perpep/Perpep 2.0"

This server was hosted by Aternos and had approximately 10 players, most of which were fairly uninvolved with the server. However, due to the gain in members the economy had an upturn and shops were developed. However, suffering from crippling lag and boredom, the server was shut down soon after elytra became distributed among players.

"Perpep 3.0"

Perpep 3.0 is arguably one of the most successful servers, with an extremely successful economy, active playerbase, and sufficient hosting machine reducing on lag. It is also one of the most longest lasting servers within the lineup and had the most development.

"Perpep 4.0"