The Server

The Perpep MineCraft server has had a long history, and we're cool with that and embrace it! We hope that while you're on the server, you don't grief us, and if you don't, we won't either! (check the rules for our server to insure no ban.)


Always be prepared for the latest news on the Perpep Discord or our official news padlet!


Get in contact with the server members! Don't have Discord and/or are lonely? Contact us at via email!


Sixtuss, ItsGrims, Pro_Alley_Toilet, LittleBreadstick, and CompactCow

Perpep was created in a frenzy of boredom by a few friends, and before the owner knew it, he owned a full-fledged network server. There was no going back, and now he is forever burdened by the server.

Thank you to 50Webs, Aternos, Discord, Codeanywhere, Minotar, w3schools, FreeNom, and you for making this abomination of a website possible!